Seth Rollins is your new WWE Universal champion !! - - Wrestling Rumour

Seth Rollins is your new WWE Universal champion !! -

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Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar match winner !! (new wwe universal champion) :

 It was really amazing to see that the first match of wrestlemania 35 was for the Universal championship between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. Nobody had expected this match as a first match of wrestlemania 35. It was totally surprising. 

Here, firstly Brock Lesnar made his entrance with a mid pop by the WWE fans. After his entrance, Seth Freakin Rollins made his grand entrance with different costume and with different theme and also with the loud pop from the WWE fans. 

The world got shocked when Brock Lesnar brutally started attacking on Seth Rollins before entering in the ring! Both these superstars attacked on each other. But Brock Lesnar hit Seth Rollins a lot. He gave him a F5 outside the ring on the black carpet. At this time Seth Rollins managed himself to stand up but then the beast throws Seth Rollins onto the announcement table, not one time but twice. Now, Seth Rollins was not able to even stand up. 

After this, the beast put Seth Rollins in the ring. The refree was trying to ask about his condition for competing in the match but he didn't got any response. After some time, Brock Lesnar again throws Seth Rollins outside the ring. Remember, still now match hadn't started by the officials. 

Brock again unleashes on Seth Rollins outside of the ring. This time, Seth was unable stand up. But after some attacks, Brock again throws him into the ring. This time, Refree had officially started the match. All the stuff was settled up. 

After the starting of the match, firstly Brock Lesnar hit Seth Rollins with two F5's. But however, Seth Rollins managed himself to stand up. Seth Rollins shocked the whole world when he did his in-ring comeback. Seth suddenly hit Brock Lesnar onto the refree, which led the refree to get out of the ring for a while. Seth Rollins unexpectedly hit a low blow on Brock Lesnar! Now at this time, the game got totally changed. 

Seth Rollins hit Brock Lesnar not with one Curb Stomp, not with two Curb Stomp but with three massive Curb Stomps. It was really an unexpected comeback of Seth Rollins in the match. After hitting three Curb Stomps, Seth Rollins pinned Brock Lesnar and guess what happens? 

Refree counted 1,2 and 3! Damn! Seth Rollins became your new universal champion by defeating The beast Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship match at the very beginning of the wrestlemania 35. Really, it was one of the biggest victory of Seth Rollins in his wrestling career. 
Seth rollins is your new universal champion!!
Seth Rollins is your new wwe universal champion !!
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  1. So readers.. Are you all satisfied with the new universal champion?