Dean Ambrose is officially out from the Shield !! -

Dean Ambrose is now officially out from the Shield :

Dean Ambrose is officially out from the Shield
Dean Ambrose is now officially out from the Shield !!

Recently Dean Ambrose was advertised in some shows after Wrestlemania 35. But after some time he was removed from the advertising list. Nobody knows what WWE company had did. Now what this thing means. Was it done by mistake? Or we gonna see Dean Ambrose competing in the WWE company after Wrestlemania 35 also?

 Now whatever the original plans is, Let us make you sure that where the Fastlane ppv will take, their local advertisers had advertised a handicap match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Drew Mclntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. So it's a not news for Roman Reigns's fans that he will have his first match after return at Fastlane 2019 ppv. But it's not a good news for the Shield lovers. As Dean Ambrose had been not advertised in this epic Match.

Also possibly WWE company had booked this handicap match to make the return back of Dean Ambrose in the Shield (as a face superstar). They could give a huge role to Dean Ambrose in this match at Fastlane 2019 ppv. And if we think positively about this match then WWE Company hadn't booked Dean Ambrose in this match because possibly WWE company wants to give a surprise to their fans by the reunion of the Shield just before the match.

If WWE company rejoin the Shield in the upcoming Raw episode then it will not be a big moment, but if the same happens at Fastlane 2019 ppv just before the match then it will definitely shock the whole universe. And it will also bounce WWE's ratings and viewership of Fastlane ppv.

Overall this match had now been advertised and by the local advertisers. But currently it is not confirmed by the WWE company itself. So this match is not 100% conformed but it's a huge update and possibly this could happen at Fastlane 2019 ppv. Since Seth Rollins is also currently suffering from an injury, so it will be interesting to see that how WWE company will book all this stuff at Fastlane 2019 ppv

So readers.. This was all about in this update. We hope that you liked this update. Also let us know in the comment box below that how much excited are you all for Fastlane 2019 ppv? 

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  1. So readers.. How much excited are you all for Fastlane 2019 ppv?


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