The Shield to destroy Brock Lesnar on next Raw! -

The Shield to destroy Brock Lesnar on next Raw! 

The Shield to destroy Brock Lesnar on Raw
The Shield to destroy Brock Lesnar on Raw?
 Now we already know that the big Dog Roman Reigns will officially return on the next Monday night Raw episode. And this is already a big surprise to us! But what another big plans WWE company is planning for us on next Raw? 

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 So on next raw we could see the reunion of the Shield once again. This is because we will not gonna see Roman Reigns again and again on raw episodes. Maybe it could be his last appearance on Raw before Wrestlemania 35. And also currently Dean Ambrose is also wants to do friendship with Seth Rollins! So there is 80% chances of reunion of the Shield on the next Monday night Raw episode. 

But the question is, what the Shield gonna do after their reunion on next Raw? 
So related this a huge rumour had came that we could also see Roman Reigns in action! We can see his confrontation with another big superstar on next Raw. Although there is no any issue with the big Dog which can stop him to fight. 

So to make this moment more memorable WWE company could make the Shield to attack on their opponent. And we already know that currently Dean Ambrose is not having his personal opponent and Roman Reigns is also returning back in WWE company after 4 months but here, Seth Rollins is having his opponent “Brock Lesnar” on wrestlemania 35! 

So possibly we could see the Shield attacking the universal champion Brock Lesnar on next Raw. And if this really happens then it will definitely bounce WWE's ratings and viewership. And somewhere it will also hype Wrestlemania 35's Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar match. Since Roman Reigns is returning back on next monday Night Raw, so WWE fans are also expecting a lot from WWE company on next raw

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Also let us make you sure that Brock Lesnar is also advertised on next Raw. So there is no need to worry about Brock Lesnar's appearance on next Raw. Let us also tell you that in last week's of Monday night Raw episode also Brock Lesnar was advertised. But we hadn't seen even a clip of him in previous Raw episode. Now it's totally dependent on WWE's storyline. 

So now it will be very interesting to see that what type of booking will WWE gonna do on next Monday night Raw episode. Also let us know in the comment box below that do you really want Brock Lesnar to get physical with the Shield? 

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  1. So readers.. Do you really want Brock Lesnar to get physical with the Shield?


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