The Big Dog Roman Reigns is finally back on Monday Night Raw !! -

Roman Reigns had officially confirmed his return back on Monday Night Raw !!

Roman's Leukemia is in remission !! - The big Dog is finally back on Raw !!
Roman's Leukemia is in remission !! - The big Dog is finally back on Raw !!
Monday night raw was started with a clip of Roman Reigns, announcing his Leukemia disease (blood cancer) back in October. And he will vacant his universal championship belt. And now he will totally focus on his illness. 

After his clip on tv screen, the big Dog Roman Reigns made his return back on Monday Night Raw!! The world was chanting “welcome back” that was really impressive. The big Dog stated shaking hands with the fans in the front row on the way. The big Dog started moving towards the ring with a big smile on his face. 

Roman Reigns revealed, he is in remission :

The big dog begins his promo speech by saying “he is going to do it a lot”. The reaction of the fans was really unimaginable! He also talked us for our love and support towards him. Roman Reigns also revealed that this was only his yard. And the big Dog had came to regain his yard! At this moment WWE universe was chanting “this is your yard”. Roman Reigns also revealed that he was missing WWE a lot and his fans. 

During his promo, he also says that WWE is for young superstars who climbs up in the sky by defeating their competitors and gets success in their life. But for Roman Reigns, it was to just come back in WWE company and fight! Which makes the big Dog, a real champ. 

Roman Reigns return back in WWE company :

Finally at last he revealed that he is now officially back in WWE company. This made wwe universal more excited and the shout made by the fans was really crazy! But before he goes he again handshaked with WWE fans (ringside). 

Before he went back to the ramp, a music hits BURN IT DOWN and there was a entry of Seth Freakin Rollins!! He entered into the arena with a broad smile on his face. After entering he hugged the big Dog Roman Reigns on the ramp! That was really an awesome moment for the WWE universe. But we hadn't seen Dean Ambrose with these two superstars. Anyway, we again had seen the reunion of the Shield brothers (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins). 

 So, finally the wait is over and gonna see Roman Reigns competing on the upcoming Raw episodes. Also now WWE is planning for a wrestlemania 35 opponent for the big Dog Roman Reigns. But the question is, who could it be? Let us know that in the comment box below!! 

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  1. So readers.. Who could be Roman's wrestlemania 35 opponent?


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