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WWE TLC 2018 ppv results !!

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WWE TLC ppv results and highlights..! 

wwe tlc 2018 ppv results

So readers.. Now finally WWE TLC ppv results came out and finally we had seen a lots of interesting moves, matches, results and other shocking things which took place in this ppv. So to know the results just scroll down. 

Match (1) {kick-off} :- Muddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander (wwe cruiser weight championship)..!

So guyz WWE TLC 2018 ppv was kicked-off by a match between Muddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander for the cruiser weight championship belt. And according to our expectations in this match Cedric Alexander had defeated Muddy Murphy and retain his cruiser weight championship belt.

Match (2) :- Bobby Lashley vs Elias (ladders match)..! 

So guyz.. Here in this match Elias had first took out the guitar and defeated Bobby Lashley. But after the match Bobby Lashley hit Elias with that guitar only. 

Match (3) :- R-Truth and Carmella vs Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox..! 

Here in this match Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox had defeated R-Truth and Carmella. And now these both superstars will enter in a royal rumble match at last. 

Match (4) :- The Bar vs The New Day vs The Usos (smackdown tag team championship, triple threat match)..! 

So here in this match we hadn't seen something interesting. And The Bar had successfully retain their tag team championships against both of the other teams. 

Match (5) :- Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman..!

This match was the main highlight of WWE TLC 2018 ppv. Here before the starting of the match Baron Corbin ordered Heath Slater (refree) to start counting. But when Heath Slater arrived till 7 then shockingly Brawn Strowman's entrance music gets hit. And then immediately many other wwe superstars came and started attacking on Baron Corbin. We had also seen a moment when Baron Corbin was about to leave the hall, then shockingly Kurt Angle hit Baron Corbin which allowed him to go back to the ring. Now all the superstars hit their Finisher on Baron Corbin and then Brawn Strowman put his leg on Baron Corbin's chest. Heath Slater pinned, and Brawn Strowman got victory in this match. 

And now Baron Corbin is no more a active general manager of Monday night raw. And also Brawn Strowman became the new opponent for Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2019 ppv

Match (6) :- Natalya vs Rooby Riott (tables match)..! 

Here in this match Natalya had easily defeated Rooby Riott by hitting her on the table. 

Match (7) :- Finn Balor vs Drew Mclntyre..! 

So guyz..here in this match we had seen the involvement of Dolph Ziggler, he attacked on Drew Mclntyre which allowed Finn Balor to take advantage of that. So here Finn Balor had easily defeated Drew Mclntyre via pinfall. 

Match (8) :- Rey Mesterio vs Randy Orton..! 

Here in this match finally Rey Mesterio got the upper hand and he finally defeated Randy Orton

Match (9) :- Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jacks (wwe raw womens championship)..! 

Here in this match Ronda Rousey hit her submission move on Nia Jacks and led her to tap out. And Ronda Rousey had retain her raw womens championship. 

Match (10) :- AJ Styles vs Daniel Brayan (wwe championship)..! 

This match was one of the best match of WWE TLC 2018 ppv. Here in this match both the superstars gave their best performance. And if we talk about the winner of this match then Daniel Brayan had defeated AJ Styles via pinfall and retain his wwe championship.

Match (11) :- Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (wwe intercontinental championship)..! 

This match was the longest match of WWE TLC 2018 ppv. Here in this match we had seen a lots of close pinfall. But ending of this match was like that when Dean Ambrose hit his Finisher (dirty deeds) on Seth Rollins. And now finally we had seen a new intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose.

Match (12) {main event} :- Charlotte vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch (smackdown women's championship)..! 

So guyz.. This match was the main event of WWE TLC 2018 ppv. Also it was a TLC match. At the end of this match we had seen that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the top of the ladder but surprisingly here Ronda Rousey makes her shocking entrance and interrupted both of them, Asuka took the advantage of that and she became the new smackdown womens champion. 
So guyz.. This was all about in TLC 2018 ppv. We hope you guyz loved TLC ppv

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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