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John Cena message to Roman Reigns !!

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WWE latest update :- John Cena message to Roman Reigns !! 

John Cena message to Roman Reigns

So guyz as we had seen that after Roman Reigns's Leukemia disease there are number of superstars who had motivated Roman Reigns to get into the WWE company back, and also many superstars had showed some respect for Roman Reigns. But we hadn't seen any kind of support for Roman Reigns from John Cena. But now finally John Cena had revealed that what message he had given to Roman Reigns. Here John Cena had revealed that the day when Roman Reigns had announced his Leukemia disease, I was totally shocked and unable to believe on his words. And when the Monday Night Raw went off, I had personally messaged Roman Reigns and I made him realized that you are in safe hands and we all loves you a lot, you are not alone at all. The work which you had done for WWE company is just amazing and another wrestler would never be able to do that hardwork like you. 
Also let us all tell you that John Cena also said to Roman Reigns that if you need anything then you can simply contact me and ask me. So this was the special message of John Cena to Roman Reigns. Also after this John Cena had also said that i know Roman Reigns is a top guy of the WWE company and he doesn't need any kind of help from anyone, but however if he needs so then I should be the first and lucky guy to help him. So here like all other superstars John Cena had showed his respect for the big Dog Roman Reigns. 

Let us also tell you that on 26th of December wwe company is organizing their event at medicin Square garden. Earlier WWE had booked a tag team match there between John Cena and Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mclntyre. But however on Monday night Raw we had seen a brutal brawl between Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mclntyre. So now it would not possible for WWE to put Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mclntyre together in a tag team match. 
But on WWE's 27th December live event, wwe had announced that John Cena will be a special guest on Miz TV. So now we can expect a match between The Miz and John Cena on that event and hopefully in that match we could see John Cena's special message to Roman Reigns. So guyz this is all about in this update. I hope you guyz like this update. 

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  1. So guyz.. Are you all waiting for Roman Reigns return in WWE..?