Seth Rollins finally attacked on Dean Ambrose !! Brawn Strowman injured !! WWE Monday night Raw 19th November 2018 results/highlights.

WWE Monday night Raw 19th November 2018 results and highlights..!!

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 Segment (1) :- Baron Corbin addresses Survivor Series..!! 

So guyz.. This week's Monday night raw was the first raw episode after 2018 Survivor Series ppv. This week's Monday night raw episode was kicked-off by Baron Corbin where he addressed the victory of Raw brand over smackdown. After his promo Stephanie McMahon came and she made some promises after that Brawn Strowman also came, he demanded a match from Stephanie McMahon against Baron Corbin. Stephanie McMahon conformed Brawn Strowman's demand, she booked a match between both the superstars at TLC ppv. But she also put some stipulations in this match which was that if Brawn Strowman wins then we will get the opportunity to fight against Brock Lesnar for the universal championship at 2019 Royal Rumble ppv. And the another stipulation in this match was that if Baron Corbin looses then he will be no more active general manager of Monday night raw. After that Stephanie McMahon also conformed a match between Brawn Strowman, Finn Balor and Elias vs Bobby Lashley, Drew Mclntyre and Baron Corbin. This match started right after this segment. 

Match (1) :- Brawn Strowman, Finn Balor and Elias vs Bobby Lashley, Drew Mclntyre and Baron Corbin..!! 

This match was the 6 man tag team (elimination) match. Here at the end of this match Brawn Strowman was about to pin Baron Corbin but suddenly Drew Mclntyre came and hit a chair shot on Brawn Strowman and this match was won by the team of Brawn Strowman via disqualification. But after the match Baron Corbin's team brutally attacked on Brawn Strowman and made Brawn Strowman injured. 

Segment (2) :- Seth Rollins calls out Dean Ambrose..!! 

Here in this segment Seth Rollins addressed the success of the Shield and he also addressed the heel turn Dean Ambrose. After that he calls out Dean Ambrose, but Dean doesn't appear so far. After that Seth Rollins went backstage and started finding Dean Ambrose. We had also seen many times in between the shoe Seth Rollins finding Dean Ambrose aggressively. 

Match (2) :- Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Tamina and Nia Jacks..!! 

Here in this match Tamina and Nia Jacks defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley via pinfall. 

Match (3) :- The Lucha house party vs The Revivals..!! 

Here in this match The Lucha house party had defeated the Revivals via pinfall. 

Segment (3) :- Ronda Rowsey addressed Survivor Series 2018 ppv..!! 

Here in this segment Ronda Rousey revealed that if she will not defend her women's championship tonight then she doesn't deserve this title. After that Baron Corbin came and he conveyed Ronda Rousey. But however he booked a match between Ronda Rousey and Micky James for the women's championship. And in this match Ronda Rousey doesn't face difficulties and she easily retained her women's championship against Micky James. 

Match (4) :- Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs The Authors of Pain (AOP)..!! 

Here in this match Bobby Roode and Chad Gable had made a huge victory on their names by defeating authors of pain (AOP) via roll-up pin.

Match (5) :- Natalya vs Rooby Riott..!! 

Here in this match we had also seen the involvement of Riott Squad but still here Natalya defeated Rooby Riott. 

Segment (4) {main event} :- Dean Ambrose addressed Seth Rollins..!! 

Here in this segment Dean Ambrose came in the middle of the ring, he again spoke a lot about Seth Rollins. After that Seth Rollins also came and brutally attacked on Dean Ambrose. And at the end, Dean Ambrose hit a low blow on Seth Rollins. 
This was all about this week's Monday night raw episode. I hope you guyz liked this week's Monday night raw episode. 

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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