WWE Smackdown live 1000th episode highlights /results.

...WWE smackdown live 1000th episode highlights /results...

  Segment (1) :- R Truth and Carmella. 

This week's smackdown live episode was kicked-off by Truth and Carmella to be dHere in this segment they both entertained the fans and audience. After some time here in this segment Stephanie McMahon came.. She also entertained the fans and audience then again after some time here comes Shane McMahon then again after some time here comes the owner of the WWE company Vince McMahon. As according to our expectations they are danced with other and entertained too. Here this segment ends happily. 

Match (1) :- The Usos vs Daniel Brayan and AJ styles. 

So here in this tag team match The Usos successfully defeated AJ Styles and Daniel Brayan. The ending of this match was like that when Daniel Brayan got two super kicks on his face at the same time which led the Usos to pin him and won the match. 

Segment (2) :- The Evolution. (Batista, Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy orton). 

Here in this segment the shocking thing to see was that finally we had seen the return of the Batista in WWE company. In the starting of this segment all the Superstars addresses the WWE universe after that Batista thanked to all the other superstars who were in the ring but when he talked about Triple H.. He himself said that he is a great athlete but till now he hadn't defeated me..! So guyz let me tell you that now the updates had been started coming that we will definitely gonna see Triple H vs Batista match in the upcoming time in WWE. 

Match (2) :- The Miz vs Rusev. (qualifying match for the world Cup tournament). 

So guyz here in this match The Miz had defeated Rusev and had been qualified for the world cup tournament at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. 

Segment (3) :- The cutting Edge..!

So guyz here in this segment we had seen a shocking return the cutting Edge. He thanked to the wwe universe for such a great experience in his wrestling career. Then after some time Becky Lynch came.. Then the edge gave advice to him for her wrestling career. But by somehow she made a joke on him.. After that Charlotte Flair came and attacked on Becky Lynch and we had seen a brutal fight between them. 

Match (3) :- The Bar vs The New Day. (smackdown tag team championship). 

This match was one of the most interesting match in this week's smackdown live episode. Here we had seen a very shocking attack on Xaviour Woods by Big Show..! He gave a chalk slam to Xaviour Woods on the announce table. And the another shocking thing was that here the Bar defeated the new day and became the new smackdown tag team champions. 

Match (4) :- Rey Mesterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura. (qualifying match). 

So guyz this was really an epic battle between these two superstars. They both tried their best in this match. But at end Rey Mesterio defeated the Shinsuke Nakamura and had been qualified for the WWE world cup tournament at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. 

Segment (4) :- The Undertaker..!

This segment was the main event of the 1000th episode of smackdown live. Here in this segment the Undertaker cut a short promo.. He said that “here I have three words words for DX.. Rest in peace” these were the only words which he spoke in this segment. This was it in this segment. Here the 1000th episode of smackdown live ended. Let me know your thoughts about this week's smackdown live episode in the comment box below. 

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