Real reason why Roman Reigns left WWE ?? Why Dean Ambrose attacked on Seth Rollins after winning tag team titles ??

Update (1) :- Real reason why Roman Reigns left WWE..?? 


So guyz.. In this week's Monday night raw when Roman Reigns kicked off the Raw then he had faced a loud boo as usual. But no one knows that they have to listen very emotional and sad news about Roman Reigns. Here in this promo Roman Reigns himself told the truth behind his relinquish of his Universal Championship. He stated that he is suffering from a disease named Leukemia. During this promo we had seen Roman Reigns very sad and emotional too! But however he also stated that this is not a retirement speech, he will be back in wwe after a short break. So guyz if you people don't know that what is Leukemia disease then let me tell you that this disease is a blood cancer! Roman Reigns is suffering from this disease since last 11 years. So now Roman Reigns have to take a long break from WWE so that he could totally focus on his recovery and once again make his return in WWE.

So now the question is that will Roman Reigns is capable to fight against this disease or is there any solution for this disease?
So guyz let me tell you that there is a solution for this disease only when this disease is newly taken place in the body. If this disease had taken place in the body since many times then it could totally damage the body which could also be a signal for the death! So guyz as you know that it is a blood cancer and you also know that to fight against cancer is how difficult for the body. So guyz I hope now you all understood that which actual disease is Roman Reigns having. So guyz is all about in first update. I hope you guyz like this update. Let me know in the comment box below that what according to you should Roman Reigns do next?

Update (2) :- Why Dean Ambrose attacked on Seth Rollins after winning the tag team championships..?? 

So the biggest which comes in our mind is that Why Dean Ambrose attacked on Seth Rollins after winning the tag team championships. So guyz guyz let me tell you that Dean Ambrose attacking on Seth Rollins is not so shocking because as we were continously seeing some strange things between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the previous Monday night Raw episodes. But the biggest thing to see was that how WWE had turned Dean Ambrose heel. So here regarding this now the updates are coming that WWE just wanted make Dean Ambrose heel turn more impactful. So this was the only reason behind the attack of Dean Ambrose on Seth Rollins after winning the championships. 

The another big question is that What plans is WWE having for Dean Ambrose in the future? So regarding this updates are coming that the reason behind the winning of the championships is Drew Mclntyre. As we know that currently Drew Mclntyre fued is going with the monster among man Brawn Strowman and we also know that Brawn Strowman is having his universal championship match against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. So guyz let me tell you that there are some possibilities of Drew Mclntyre joining the Universal championship match at crown jewel event and again make it a triple threat match. Also the reason behind Drew Mclntyre losing tag team titles is that now he will continue his fued with The monster among man Brawn Strowman. So guyz it will also be very interesting to see that how WWE will book Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the next Monday night Raw. So guyz this is all about in second update. I hope you guyz like this update. 

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