Is Brock Lesnar not coming at Crown Jewel ?? John Cena vs Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series ??

Update (1) :- Is Brock Lesnar not coming at Crown Jewel..?

As you guyz already know the controversy which had taken place in Saudi Arabia regarding Jamal Kashoogi death, in which both Saudi and USA's government are involved which can affect the Crown Jewel show. So regarding this now the updates are coming that Saudi Arabia had allowed WWE to organize their show in Saudi Arabia but if anything happens wrong in Saudi Arabia then possibly WWE can cancel their show. Also let me tell you that if WWE have to cancel Crown Jewel then this whole pay per view (ppv) will be shifted to Survivor Series ppv. But if this thing really happens then regarding this one more update is coming that the Superstars will not affected by this in their earning matter. But there are two superstars who's  earning will be affected if Crown Jewel ppv doesn't take place, and those two superstars are Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michael. 

Firstly let us talk about Shawn Michael, as you guyz already know that Shawn Michael had denied his retirement. Also possibly he is having his tag team match with Triple H against Kane and the Undertaker. So WWE is also offering him a huge amount of money and if Crown Jewel event canceled then wwe company will not be able to pay him so much of money. But if all the match cards of Crown Jewel event will be shifted to Survivor Series ppv then it will not too much profitable for WWE as well as for Shawn Michael also. And it is also possible that Shawn Michael will deny his in-ring return. 

Now let us talk about Brock Lesnar, as you already know the behavior of the beast Brock Lesnar, he always goes straight to the point and doesn't talk to anyone and he only wants to earn money. Also he is having a different level of attitude. So now the question is that will wwe be able to convey Brock Lesnar to give less amount of money to him? So regarding this updates are coming that if Crown Jewel event cancels then possibly Brock Lesnar could deny his match for the universal championship at Survivor Series ppv. But let me tell you that there are only 2% of chances of happening this. So you guyz doesn't have to worry about his match. So guyz this was all about in first update. I hope you guyz like this update. 

 Update (2) :- Will John Cena face Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series ppv..? 

As you guyz already know that Survivor Series ppv's counting is in one of the biggest ppv in WWE history. Every year we see lots of dream matches in this ppv. And the date of this ppv will be 18th of November 2018 which is just after the Crown Jewel event which will take place on 2nd November 2018. So guyz as you already know that currently John Cena's schedule is very busy. He is busy in shooting a movie in China. But his busy schedule doesn't affect WWE company because by some how John Cena himself arrange his time for WWE also. But if we talk about Bobby Lashley then there is a huge change on his character. As you guyz already know that Bobby Lashley had turned Heel. Also now he is becoming a real dominator. Recently we had seen Bobby Lashley and John Cena's storyline together at Super showdown event in a tag team match. So regarding this now the updates are coming that possibly from there wwe could build a storyline between these two superstars. Also there is 90% of conformation that we will definitely going to see John Cena at Survivor Series ppv. This is because WWE is always interested to book John Cena in his ppv's. As his one time appearance makes the show hit! Also WWE is trying to push Bobby Lashley. So possibly we can see a epic battle between these two superstars at Survivor Series. So guyz this Is all about in this update. I hope you guyz like this update. Let me know your thoughts about this match in the comment box below.

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