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WWE superstar shakeup 2019 (big surprises and shocks) - wrestlingrumour.com

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WWE superstar shakeup 2019 (big surprises and shocks)
WWE superstar shakeup 2019 (big surprises and shocks)
So readers.. As you already know that next week on Monday Night Raw as well as on smackdown live we gonna see wwe 2019 superstar shakeup. It will be very interesting to see that which superstar will switch their brand on superstar shakeup 2019. So in this article, we gonna talk about top 5 Surprises and shocks which WWE could give to their fans on next Raw and smackdown episode :

1. Breakup of the Riott Squad :

Let us tell you that recently Liv Morgan had shared a post on social media where we can see all the three members of Riott Squad. But in the capion, she had put a question mark (?). So after her post, it was rumoured that in the 2019 superstar shakeup we could see the breakup of Riott Squad. And possibly we could see any one or two team members changing their brand from Smackdown live to monday night Raw. 

2. Shinsuke Nakamura finally on Monday night Raw :

The day from Shinsuke Nakamura debuted on the main roaster, he is competing regularly on the smackdown live show. WWE hadn't changed his brand. From the beginning, he was kept in the smackdown live. But now according to some updates, we could finally see Shinsuke Nakamura switching his brand from smackdown live to Raw on superstar shakeup 2019. It will be a major decision of the WWE company because Shinsuke Nakamura is a huge superstar of the company and WWE company have to book him very wisely on Raw. 

3. Mid-card championships changing their brand :

Last year in superstar shakeup 2019 we had seen United States championship and intercontinental championship changing their brands where United States championship had been drafted to smackdown live and Intercontinental championship was drafted to Raw. So, possibly in this year's superstar shakeup we could again see these two championship changing their brands. And this is a thing which WWE surely wants to do in 2019 superstar shakeup. So, we can expect the same thing in this year also. 

4. Becky Lynch permanently on Raw :

So at wrestlemania 35, we had seen Becky Lynch becoming a women's champion of Raw as well as of Smackdown live. After his victory, there is a question in fans mind that at superstar shakeup 2019, what will happen with Becky Lynch? So readers let us tell you that possibly we could see Becky Lynch permanently drafted to Raw and could left the smackdown live. Hopefully on superstar shakeup 2019, WWE could take the smackdown live women's title from Becky Lynch. As we also know that it is not possible for any superstar to be a champion of Raw as well as of Smackdown live at the same time. So due to this, Becky Lynch could be permanently drafted to Raw. 

5. Roman Reigns on Smackdown live :

As we had already told you that after dealing with fox network, WWE company will try to improve the ratings of smackdown live. So to make Smackdown live more interesting, WWE could shift the big Dog Roman Reigns on smackdown live. Now this thing will be the most shocking thing which we could see on superstar shakeup 2019. Now the another reason behind this could be the Shield. As we already know that Dean Ambrose had left the WWE company and now we gonna never see the Shield back in the ring. So now, possibly WWE company could shift Roman Reigns to smackdown live. If this thing really happens on superstar shakeup 2019, then it will definitely bounce WWE's ratings and viewership of smackdown live. 

So readers, this was all about in this update. We hope that you liked this update. Let us also know in the comment box below that which surprise will be the most shocking for you on superstar shakeup 2019? 

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