Dean Ambrose Raw return revealed !! - - Wrestling Rumour

Dean Ambrose Raw return revealed !! -

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Dean Ambrose Raw return revealed !!
Dean Ambrose Raw return revealed !!
According to Dean Ambrose's situation, we are already aware of that on last Monday night Raw episode he had finally revealed that he is now going out from the WWE company also we had the Shield last time ever in WWE ring. But we had already told you that Dean Ambrose will be back in WWE after 6 months. But we hadn't told you the exact day when Dean Ambrose will return back. 

       . Fan footage: : The Shield reunites after Raw went off the air!

So now, let us make you sure that according to some updates on 21,22,23 April WWE company will have their events, where Dean Ambrose had been advertised. Beside this, let us also tell you that on next to next Monday night Raw episode Dean Ambrose is also advertised

       . Dean Ambrose is coming back in WWE company!

The segment which we saw after the Raw went off the air was just a part of storyline and hopefully in the upcoming Raw episodes we could see the comeback of Dean Ambrose back in WWE company. However, this was just an update. Still WWE company hadn't conformed the comeback of Dean Ambrose. But however, according to wrestling experts Dean Ambrose hadn't left the company yet

So readers.. This was all about in this update. We hope that you liked this update. Let us also know in the comment box below that are you all waiting for Dean Ambrose's comeback in WWE company?

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  1. So readers.. Are you all waiting for Dean Ambrose's return in WWE?