Roman Reigns Leukemia was fake or real ? (PROOF) - - Wrestling Rumour

Roman Reigns Leukemia was fake or real ? (PROOF) -

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Roman Reigns Leukemia was real or it is fake ?? (PROOF) : latest WWE update. 

Now the one thing which WWE fans wants to know that Roman's Leukemia was real or fake? Why his hairs hadn't lose, why he doesn't got sick, how he returned so quickly, why his weight hadn't decrease. 
Today we gonna explore all the answers of these questions. We gonna tell that what actually had been happened with the big Dog Roman Reigns. 

It was the episode of Monday night Raw on 22nd October '2018 where Roman Reigns announced that he is suffering from a disease named Leukemia (blood cancer) and he shocked the whole world by relinquishing the universal title! 

But after some time the WWE company's owner Vince McMahon officially announced that the big Dog Roman Reigns will be address his fight with Leukemia on next Monday night Raw episode. After his post we all had expected that the big Dog will only address his current status with Leukemia (blood cancer)
But it was a big shock for WWE fans on next Raw because Roman Reigns had announced that he is in remission with Leukemia! His promo really shocked the whole world because at that night only we had seen him in action also. 

Roman Reigns announces he is in remission :

It was really unexpected that we gonna see the big Dog in action so soon
After his comeback on Raw it was rumored that his Leukemia was totally fake! And everyone wanna know that is it a part of storyline? 

So let us make this very very clear in one sentence only that “his Leukemia was totally real, it was not a part of any storyline” so now let us give you a proof :
Roman's Leukemia was real or fake?
Leukimia care : They are also observing that Roman hasn't lose any hair, weight and fitness !!
As you can see in the above mentioned picture that Leukimia officials are also observing Roman Reigns health
Let us tell you that they had cleared the various variations in Leukimia disease (blood cancer). And their treatment is also different from each other. 
They had also retweeted that they also doesn't know that which type of Leukimia Roman was suffering from. But they surely know that why Roman hadn't lose his hair :
Roman's Leukemia was real or fake?
Why Roman hadn't lose his hair in Leukemia ??
 As you can easily see the tweet of Leukemia officials in the above mentioned picture. 
So they tried to clear all the questions regarding Roman's Leukemia. They had also mentioned that due to Leukemia your weight can be increase and also can be decrease. They also cleared that what actually happens with a person who is suffering from a cancer disease. 

Leukimia varies from person to person

Now let us tell you that Roman Reigns himself had revealed the type of Leukimia from which he is suffering from. And that was “CMA” he also revealed that this type of Leukemia is less dangerous. He also revelaed that there a disbalance of white blood cells in his blood. And with this type of Leukemia nobody has to go along with radiation. 

Roman also stated that he himself sometimes doesn't know that how he cured this disease so quickly. And also thanked his fans and WWE team also. Roman's Leukemia was not at high level with him. This was the only reason that he had made his comeback in WWE just after 4 months. 

So we hope that all your doubts had cleared regarding Roman's Leukemia disease. Also if you still have any doubt in your mind then you can leave a comment down in the comment box below. 

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