Why Roman Reigns is returning back on Raw? -

Why Roman Reigns is returning back on Raw?
Why the big Dog is returning back on Monday Night Raw?

As you already know that the next Monday Night Raw will be more special then other because there will be a huge return of the big Dog Roman Reigns 
! But what exactly he gonna do, nobody knows. But the one thing is so clear that his return will definitely bounce WWE's ratings and viewership. And WWE fans are also so much excited for the next Monday night raw episode

Now the question is that what will be do after his return? So let us make you sure that he will address his fight with Leukemia disease (blood cancer). And also it can be a good as well as bad news. But some updates are confirming that it will definitely be a good news. 

Another shocking thing which WWE can do with Roman's return is the reunion of the Shield once again on Raw. As we know that Seth Rollins gonna face the beast Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship at wrestlemania 35. And there is no story angle of Dean Ambrose shown by WWE company. And Roman Reigns is also returning on next Monday night Raw episode.

The Shield most coolest moments ever in WWE :

So hopefully we could see the reunion of the Shield once again on Monday Night Raw. This could really happen because we not gonna see Roman Reigns again and again on Raw, may it could be his last appearance on Raw. Also WWE had booked his return on next raw to bounce their ratings and viewership. So fans, this was all about in this update. We hope that you liked this update.

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  1. So readers.. Are you all excited for the next Monday night Raw episode..?


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