Why Kofi Kingston lose WWE championship match at Elimination Chamber 2019 ? -

Elimination Chamber 2019 is finally over and we had got full results of it. The main event of this ppv was a chamber match for the WWE championship belt, in which WWE fans only wants Kofi Kingston to win and to become a new WWE champion. But however it doesn't happened. We had seen Daniel Brayan retaining his WWE championship belt successfully. But the question is that why Kofi Kingston lose WWE championship match at Elimination Chamber 2019 ppv? 
So the reason behind this question is too simple that WWE company is still having giving some big plans for Daniel Brayan at the grandest stage of all time “Wrestlemania”. And possibly at this moment WWE doesn't want Kofi Kingston as a champion and they also doesn't wants to change their original plans for Wrestlemania. Since currently WWE company is pushing Kofi Kingston, so it is damn possible that WWE officials are having some huge plans for Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania 35. 

The New Day reflects on Kofi Kingston's WWE title opportunity :

Here after Kofi Kingston's lose at Elimination Chamber 2019 ppv, all New Day members were seen very positive. In a short interview Kofi Kingston revelaed that during the match he was getting very positive chants from the WWE universe. He also said that he was replaced by Mustafa Ali, and he wants to fulfill his spot. Kofi Kingston also revealed that he olny wants one opportunity for WWE championship match and he almost had tasted it, but he hadn't overcome the match. 
Kofi Kingston also revealed that in the future also, he will definitely give his best performance in the ring. And one day he will definitely get the thing for which he is fighting for. 
Beside this Big E and Xaviour Woods was also favored with Kofi Kingston's words. Although Kofi Kingston didn't won the match but he is getting a great support from WWE fans. 

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