Roman Reigns returning on next Monday night Raw !! - - Wrestling Rumour

Roman Reigns returning on next Monday night Raw !! -

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Roman reigns returning on next Monday night Raw
Roman Reigns Returning on next Monday night Raw
Last year in the month of October we had seen Roman Reigns announcing his Leukemia disease (blood cancer) and that was really an emotional moment. We all doesn't expected that. And after that many updates had conformed that he will definitely return back in WWE company but after 2-3 years. Since all the things are going with Roman's favore, we had seen him many times outside WWE and he was all fit and fine. 

So now let us make your sure that the WWE company's owner Vince McMahon had posted a tweet on twitter that “ Roman Reigns will address the status of his fight with Leukemia this Monday on Raw.” as you can see the tweet in the picture below :

So now officially it had been conformed that the Big Dog will return on the next Monday night Raw episode. And yes, it's not fake it's damn true. 
Now, this tweet is really surprising and shocking too! No one had expected Roman Reigns return before 2-3 years. But surprisingly he is finally returning back in WWE company after a short break. However, this return of his is not a permanent return. He will only address his current situation about his Leukemia disease (blood cancer). 

But also nobody can understand WWE's strategies. It could also possible that WWE wants to make Roman Reigns return back in WWE and could start building-up storylines for the Wrestlemania 35 ppv. 
So this was all about this update. We hope that you loved this update. 

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  1. So readers.. Are you all excited for the next Monday night Raw episode?