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wwe raw results 17th December 2018

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WWE Monday night Raw results and highlights 17th December 2018 !!

WWE raw results

So guyz this week's Monday night Raw was something special because it is the episode of just after TLC ppv and the first Raw episode for building the storylines for the upcoming WWE'S official ppv Royal Rumble 2019. Here WWE company had booked lots of interesting things. So if you wanna know the results and matches then keep reading below..! 

Segment (1) {kick-off} :- Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon returns..! 

So guyz.. This week's Monday night Raw episode was kicked-off by the owner of the WWE company Vince McMahon. He introduced Stephanie McMahon and Stephanie McMahon introduces Triple H and then at last Triple H introduces Shane McMahon.
 These four legends of WWE company said lots of things about wwe's success. They all appreciated their die heart fans and they also conformed that now they themselves will control Raw and Smackdown live. There is no other authority beside them. They also conformed that now we gonna see lots of new heel and face superstars on Raw and Smackdown. After that Baron Corbin made his entrance and he again demanded his post of permanent general manager of Monday night raw but Triple H put an stipulation that if he defeates Kurt Angle in an one on one match then only he will be the new General Manager of Monday night Raw. After that this match starts begin.

Match (1) :- Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle..! 

During this match Triple H interfered and he announced that he forgot to tell that this match will be a handicap match. After that Chad Gable, Booby Roode and Apollo Crews came and joined Kurt Angle. Also Heath Slater was the refree in this match. After that Shane McMahon also came, he announced that this match will be a no disqualification match. Then Heath Slater himself started attacking on Baron Corbin, we had also seen a lots of chair shots in this match. But at the end Kurt Angle hit his finisher which led the victory of him.

Match (2) :- Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler..! 


Here in this match we had seen the involvement of Drew Mclntyre. He attacked on Dolph Ziggler and also on Finn Balor. This match ends here only.

Segment (2) :- New Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose..! 

Dean Ambrose stated that he is the man of his words, I looses my control over Seth Rollins and now I'm a new intercontinental champion. He then calls out Seth Rollins in the ring. But however Seth doesn't came but here Tyler Breeze came and accepted Dean's challenge. After that a match gets started between Dean Ambrose and Tyler Breeze for the intercontinental championship. 

Match (3) :- Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze (intercontinental championship)..!

Here in this match Dean Ambrose had easily defeated Tyler Breeze and retain his intercontinental championship. But after the match Dean Ambrose again calls out Seth Rollins and this time Seth Rollins came in a security suit and he brutally attacked on Dean Ambrose.

Segment (3) :- Bobby Lashley and Lio singing a song..! 

Here in this match Bobby Lashley showed his vascular muscle and during his promo Elias came from behind and hit a guitar shot on his back. 

Match (4) :- The Revivals vs The Lucha House Party vs AOP vs The B-Team (fatal four way match to become the no.1 contender for Raw tag team championships)..!

Here in this match The Revivals had defeated all other competitors and became the no.1 contender for the Raw Tag Team championships. 

Match (5) {main event} :- 8 Womwn gauntlet match..!

Here in this match first Ronda Rousey cut a short promo, after that Stephanie McMahon came and announced a 8 women gauntlet match. And at the end of this match Natalya made Sasha Banks to tap. And Natalya won this gauntlet match. And now she got the opportunity to fight against Ronda Rousey for the Raw women's championship at Royal Rumble 2019 ppv.
So guyz this is all about in this week's Monday night Raw episode. I hope you guyz liked this week's Raw episode's results and highlights.

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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