The Rock is returning for Universal championship !! - Wrestling Rumour

The Rock is returning for Universal championship !!

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WWE Breaking News :- The Rock finally returning for Universal championship !!

The Rock returning for Universal championship

So guyz.. Let us tell you that when Roman Reigns became the Universal championship then WWE Company had already settled up their huge plans for the Universal championship. Also it was almost conformed that in the main event of wrestlemania 35, Roman Reigns would defend his Universal Championship. And earlier WWE company's plans was like that at Royal Rumble 2019, The Rock will finally return for the Universal championship and he will face Roman Reigns for the universal championship at the main event of wrestlemania 35. We all also know that The Rock and Roman Reigns are the cousin brothers and they both wants to face each other at the grandest stage of all time Wrestlemania. But however this epic battle will not take place any more due to Roman's Leukemia disease (blood cancer). 

But let us also tell you that WWE Company is still planning a huge match between the current universal champion Brock Lesnar and The Rock in the main event of wrestlemania 35. And if this happens, then WWE Company will definitely bounce their ratings and viewership. Yet we also know that currently WWE Company's business is not going great at all due to absence of many top superstars. But however if The Rock will return for the Universal championship at Royal Rumble 2019 ppv then it will be a great move by WWE company. 

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Also Vince McMahon is demanding The Rock in WWE Company. As The Rock is one of the favorite wrestler of the owner of WWE company Vince McMahon. And also Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble ppv are the two most biggest ppv of WWE company and Vince McMahon doesn't wants to spoil these. 

Also let us make you sure that some updates are conforming that The Rock will be the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble ppv. So readers pull up your socks and be ready for the Royal rumble 2019 ppv. And we can say that The Rock is returning for the Universal championship.

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  1. So guyz.. Are you all excited for the Rock's return for the Universal championship..?