WWE Smackdown live 13th November 2018 highlights/results. - Wrestling Rumour

WWE Smackdown live 13th November 2018 highlights/results.

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WWE smackdown live 13th November 2018 highlights and results..!!

Segment (1) :- Paul Heyman interrupts AJ Styles's promo..!! 

So guyz.. This week's Monday night raw episode was kicked-off by the phenomenal one and the current wwe champion AJ Styles. Here AJ Styles cut a promo where Paul Heyman interrupted. In this segment Paul Heyman proved Daniel Brayan more confident and powerful than AJ Styles. After that AJ Styles got too much angry on Paul Heyman then immediately Daniel Brayan made his entrance and got face to face with AJ Styles. Here Daniel Brayan also proved Paul Heyman correct which led AJ Styles more aggressive and angry too, which caused a brutal fight between AJ Styles and Daniel Brayan once again in the middle of the ring. And after this segment WWE officials also confirmed a match between AJ Styles and Daniel Brayan for the WWE championship belt in the main event. 

Match (1) :- Jeff Hardy vs Endaris Andradecein Almas..!! 

Here in this match Jeff Hardy had defeated Andradecein Almas via pinfall. Let me also tell you that now Daniel Brayan had been replaced by Jeff Hardy in the men's smackdown live team at Survivor Series ppv. 

Match (2) :- The Miz vs Rey Mesterio..!! 

Here in this match Rey Mesterio had defeated The Miz via pinfall. But after the match Randy Orton tried to attack on Rey Mesterio but by some how Rey Mesterio countered his attack and by mistake Randy Orton hit an RKO on the Miz. 

Segment (2) :- Smackdown live general manager Paige announcement..!! 

Here in this match smackdown live's General Manager Paige had announced that Becky Lynch will not be able to complete in Survivor Series ppv. Also here in this segment Becky Lynch herself announced that at my place Charlotte Flair will compete against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series ppv. After that Paige had officially confirmed that the queen Charlotte Flair will battle against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series ppv. 

Match (3) :- The Bar and Big Show vs The New Day..!! 

Here in this match the Bar and the Big Show had defeated The New Day via pinfall. 

Match (4) {main event} :- (c) AJ Styles vs Daniel Brayan (WWE championship)..!! 

Here in this match Daniel Brayan hit a cheap shot (low blow) on AJ Styles and unfortunately refree hadn't seen that. After that Daniel Brayan hit his finisher running knee on AJ Styles. After that refree pinned. And now here is the new wwe champion Daniel Brayan. Also let me tell you that now Daniel Brayan had turned Heel. 
So now at Survivor Series ppv we gonna see a champion vs champion match between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Brayan. So guyz this is all about in this week's smackdown live episode. I hope you guyz like this episode. 

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