WWE Monday night Raw 12th November 2018 highlights/results. - Wrestling Rumour

WWE Monday night Raw 12th November 2018 highlights/results.

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WWE Monday night Raw highlights and results... 

Match (1) :- Battle royal between many superstars..!! 

So guyz.. This week's Monday night raw episode was kicked-off by many superstars together in a battle royal. But before the starting of the match here in this match Brawn Strowman interfered all other superstars and attacked on them. In the end of this segment Brawn Strowman took up a chair sat in the middle of the ring and demanded Baron Corbin. However Baron Corbin didn't came but here Stephanie McMahon had made her shocking appearance. Stephanie McMahon told Brawn Strowman to now just focus on the team smackdown members at Survivor Series. After this Ronda Rousey also came and stand face to face with Stephanie McMahon. Also after that Baron Corbin came, he also get face to face with The monster among man Brawn Strowman. This was all about in the first segment of this week's Monday night raw episode. 

Segment (1) :- Seth Rollins interview..!! 

Here in this segment Corey Graves takes an interview of Seth Rollins where he asked some questions about Dean Ambrose and the Shield. Here in this interview Seth Rollins again asked from Dean Ambrose that why you had broken the Shield. After this we had seen a video clip on the TV screen where Dean Ambrose was sitting on a car and beside him there was a drum which was lighting with a fire. Dean Ambrose said lots of negative things about the Shield. He also said that he doesn't like the Shield any more. After that Dean Ambrose took Shield's gear and put that into the burning fire. This was all about in this segment. 

Match (2) :- Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor..!! 

Here in this match Finn Balor had defeated Dolph Ziggler via roll-up pin. 

Match (3) :- Bobby Lashley vs Elias..!! 

Here in this match Bobby Lashley had defeated Elias via pinfall. 
Let me also tell you that now Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor had qualified for team raw members at Survivor Series ppv. 

Match (4) :- Battle Royal (to become captain in tag teams)..!! 

Here in this battle royal Bobby Roode and Chat Gable made the victory on their name and defeated all other tag teams. 

Segment (2) :- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman..!!

Here in this segment Paul Heyman addresses a match between Brock Lesnar and AJ styles at Survivor Series ppv. After Paul Heyman completes his words, Jinder Mahal had interrupted Paul Heyman with Singh Brothers. After some entertainment Brock Lesnar hit an F5 to Jinder Mahal and some supplexes to Singh brothers. 

Announcement :- 

Here in this announcement Alexa Bliss announced team raw womens members where he confirmed Natalya, Tamiya Nia Jacks and Bayley. After that she set a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley and the winner of this match will be qualify for the member of team raw at Survivor Series ppv. Here in this match Nia Jacks interfered and there was no winner. After that Alexa Bliss announced that Rooby Riott will be the member of team raw at Survivor Series ppv. 

After all this stuff we had seen a very shocking thing which was that Smackdown live female superstars and attacked on Raw female superstars. Becky Lynch also brutally attacked on Ronda Rousey. At the end Smackdown live superstars stand tall and invades raw Superstars. 
So guyz this was all about in this week's Monday night raw episode. I hope you guyz liked this week's Monday night raw episode. 

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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