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WWE Crown Jewel 2018 ppv results/highlights..!!

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           ...WWE Crown Jewel ppv results/highlights...

Match (kickoff) :- Rusev vs (c) Shinsuke Nakamura (United States championship match)..!! 

So guyz.. Crown Jewel event had been kicked off by a United States championship match between Rusev and Shinsuke. Here.. The batting odds came true and the winner of this match is Shinsuke Nakamura and he retains his united states championship against Rusev. Shinsuke Nakamura hit his finisher on Rusev at the end and won via pinfall. 

Segment (1) :- Hulk Hogan returns..!!

So guyz.. The main show was started with a shocking return of the legend Hulk Hogan. He introduced himself with the Saudi Arabia's wwe fans and he also thanked WWE  company for making him the host of Crown Jewel ppv.

Match (1) :- Rey Mesterio vs Randy Orton (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

So guyz this match between Rey Mesterio and Randy Orton was the first qualifying match for world Cup at Crown Jewel. Here in this match Rey Mesterio had defeated Randy Orton via roll pinfall. But after the match Randy Orton attacked on Rey Mesterio by hitting an he also hit him on the announce table. This match ended here only. 

Match (2) :- Jeff Hardy vs The Miz (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

Here in this match, at the end The Miz hit his finisher “twist of fate” on Jeff Hardy and defeated him via pinfall. And the batting odds of this match again came true. 

Match (3) :- Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

Here in this match Seth Rollins unexpectedly defeated the dominator Bobby Lashley via pinfall by hitting his finisher curb storm on him. 

Match (4) :- Kurt Angle vs Dolph Ziggler (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

In this match we had also seen Drew Mclntyre at ring side. And the ending of this match was like that when Dolph Ziggler counter Kurt Angle's submission move and hit his finisher zig zag on him, which led Dolph Ziggler as a winner of this match. 

Match (5) :- The New Day vs The Bar (smackdown tag team championship match)..!! 

In this again we had seen the Big Show with the Bar. He made his entrance with him. During this match Big Show was at ring side. In the ending of this match Big Show hit a cheap shot (knockout punch) on Big E and just after that Seamus hit his finisher broad kick on Big E. Here in this match The Bar had defeated the New Day and retain their smackdown tag team titles.

Match (6) :- The Miz vs Rey Mesterio (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

Here in this ppv The Miz named 2nd victory on his name. He defeated Rey Mesterio via pinfall. The ending of this match was like that when Rey Mesterio hit his finisher on the Miz but by some how the Miz counter that and pin Rey Mesterio which led him as the winner of this match. This match ended here only. 

Match (7) :- Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler (world cup qualifying match)..!! 

Here at the ending of this match Drew Mclntyre made his interference which allowed Dolph Ziggler for taking advantage. And at the end Dolph Ziggler hit his finisher Super kick on Seth Rollins and pinned him. Here Dolph Ziggler made 2nd victory on his name in this ppv. 

Match (8) :- (c). AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe (WWE championship match)..!! 

Here in this match, with lots of hurdles AJ Styles had defeated Samoa Joe and retain his WWE championship against him.

Match (9) :- Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman (WWE universal championship match)..!! 

Here in the starting of the match Baron Corbin hit on Brawn Strowman with a universal championship which allowed Brock Lesnar to take advantage. After that Brock Lesnar hit five F5s and he defeated Brawn Strowman and become the new universal champion again.

Match (10) :- Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (final match for the WWE world cup)..!! 

Here we had seen a very shocking moment in the starting of the match that the Miz got some problem in his ankle and he is not able to compete in the match any more. After that Shane McMahon came and a new match got Started between Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon. Here in this match Shane McMahon had defeated Seth Rollins and came the winner of the world cup tournament. 

Match (11){main event} :- The Brothers of Destruction vs DX..!! 

In the match we had seen lots of ups and downs but the ending of this match was like that when Shawn Michael hit his finisher on both the brothers after that Triple H hit pedigree on Kane. And this is how DX got victory in this match. So guyz I hope you guyz Crown Jewel results. 

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