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WWE raw 15th October 2018 highlights /results.

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                                ...WWE Raw results...


 Segment (1) :- Brawn Strowman, Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler promo cut..! 

So guyz this week's raw episode was kicked-off by the team of Brawn Strowman, Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler and they cut a promo. They talked about the Shield unity and often more things related to the Shield. Then after sometime the Shield made their entrance from the stage. But the shocking thing to notice is that Dean Ambrose was not in the Shield, only Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came out..! After that a match was started which was between Seth Rollins and Drew Mclntyre and here by the end of the match we had seen Dean Ambrose helping Seth Rollins to overcome from both Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler. And at the end Seth Rollins won the match via countdown. This match had ended here only. 

Segment (2) :- The Undertaker and Kane's video package..! 

So guyz after the match Between Seth Rollins and Drew Mclntyre there was a video package of the Undertaker and Kane on the wwe's big TV screen. And this segment was very horror!  They both were trying to warn Triple H and shawn Michael and they guaranteed their victory at Crown Jewel event against Triple H and Shawn Michael (DX) in Saudi Arabia. This video package ended here only. 

Match (2) :- Ember Moon and Nia Jacks vs Dana Brooke and Tamina..! 

So guyz here in this match we had seen a return of Tamina and she attacked Ember Moon and Nia Jacks.and by the end of this match Ember Moon and Nia Jacks got Victory. 

Segment (3) :- Ronda Rowsey and Bella Twins.

So guyz this was a very interesting segment between Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins. Here in this segment there was a war of words between them. It was looking like they were fighting actually but however they are not. They both (Ronda Rowsey and Nikki Bella) targeted each other and warn each other for a fight. This segment was ended when the Bella twins were coming to attack Ronda Rowsey then suddenly security came and had handled all this stuff. Here this segment ended.

Match (3) :- Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler (qualify match) 

So guyz this was really an epic battle and interesting too. And the ending of this match was often very interesting.. When Seth Rollins came to help Dean Ambrose but by mistake Dean Ambrose himself jumped onto Seth Rollins and after that Dean Ambrose was distracted and Dolph Ziggler instantly hit a super kick right on his face and became the winner of this match. After the match we had seen that Dean Ambrose was very angry from Seth Rollins. We had also seen that at the end Roman Reigns came and settle down all the things, and after that Baron Corbin came and booked a match between The Shield and Brawn Strowman, Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler as a main event. 

Match (4) :- Jinder Mahal vs Finn Balor. 

Here in this match Finn Balor easily defeated Jinder Mahal via pin fall. 

Match (5) :- Bobby Lashley vs Tyler Breeze.

Here in this match Bobby Lashley easily defeated Tyler Breeze via pin fall.

Segment (4) :- Alexa bliss, Micky James, Trish Stratus and Lita segment. 

Here in this segment.. Alexa Bliss and Micky James were trying to say to Trish Stratus and Lita that now wrestling is not your cup of tea, you both should quit wrestling. Then Lita and Trish Stratus replied that why don't you prove this thing. They both challenged Alexa Bliss and Micky James for a fight. This was it in this segment. 

Match (6) :- Authors of Pain vs Golden Kurt Angle. 

So guyz here in this match Authors of pain had easily defeated golden Kurt Angle. But after the match Authors of Latin removed the face mask of the golden Kurt Angel and we had seen that he was not Kurt Angle.. He was a local wrestler. Then after sometime Baron Corbin came and then immediately real Kurt Angle came and attacked on Baron Corbin brutally. And on that moment we heard a loud cheers for Kurt Angle. This segment end here.

Match (7) :- Natalya vs Rooby Riott

Here in this match Natalya defeated Rooby Riott via disqualification because there was a involvement of Sasha banks and Bayley. 

Segment (5) :- Apollo Crews and Elias. 

Here in this segment Apollo Crews interrupted Elias (singing song) and brutally attacked on him.

Match (8) :- The Shield vs Brawn Strowman, Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler. 

This match was the main event of this week's Monday night raw. This match was really interesting and shocking too! We also had seen a moment in this that Dean Ambrose had almost given the dirty deeds (DDT) to Seth Rollins. But by some how he wasn't able to give him. And at the end Roman Reigns speared Brawn Strowman but hadn't pinned him then instantly The Shield gave the power bomb to Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose pinned Dolph Ziggler and The Shield got victory. So here this week's raw episode ends. I hope you guyz like this week's raw episode. Let me know your excitement for the next Monday night Raw in the comment box below.

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