WWE Monday night Raw 29th October 2018 results /Highlights. - Wrestling Rumour

WWE Monday night Raw 29th October 2018 results /Highlights.

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             WWE Monday night Raw results/highlights... 

Segment (1) :- Baron Corbin talked about Roman Reigns..!!

So guyz this week's Monday night raw episode was kicked-off by a video which was tributed to the big Dog Roman Reigns. In this video package wwe covered all the wordings of Roman Reigns which he had spoken on the previous Monday night raw. 
Just after that we had seen Baron Corbin in the middle of the ring and he talked about the big Dog Roman Reigns. He stated that Roman Reigns should never be on Monday night Raw. Just after that Brock Lesnar came with his advocate Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar shocked the WWE universe by making his appearance on Raw. After coming in the middle of the ring Paul Heyman introduced his client Brock Lesnar. After that Brawn Strowman also came in the ring and we had seen Brock Lesnar and Brawn Strowman face to face. After some time Baron Corbin himself attacked on Brawn Strowman without any reason. Brawn Strowman power slammed him three times the ring and by taking Baron Corbin's advantage at the end Brock Lesnar gave an chilled F5 to Brawn Strowman. Here only this segment ends. WWE universe was really shocked after seeing Brock Lesnar on Raw. 

Match (1) :- Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley..!! 

Here in this match Finn Balor was attacked by Bobby Lashley's friend in between the match. But however Finn Balor had defeated Bobby Lashley via pinfall. After his victory Bobby Lashley hit a cheap shot on Finn Balor and brutally attacked on him. After this match we had also seen at backstage that John Cena had been replaced by Bobby Lashley in the world cup tournament at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Match (2) :- Ten womens tag team match..!! 

This match was ten womens tag team match between Lita, Trish Stratus, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alicia Fox, Micky James and The Riott Squad. Here in this match the face team for victory (Lita, Trish Stratus, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley). 

Segment (2) :- Elias singing song..!! 

Here in this segment after singing song Elias want backstage and there Jinder Mahal had attacked on him. After that we had seen a match between Elias and Jinder Mahal. In this match Elias had defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall. 

Match (3) :- Triple threat match between Authors of Pain (AOP) vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs the Ascensions..!!

WWE universe enjoyed this triple threat match a lot. Here in this match Chad Gable and Bobby Roode got victory. But after the match Authors of Pain (AOP) attacked on both the other teams. 

Segment (3) :- Seth Rollins calls out Dean Ambrose..!! 

Here in this segment Seth Rollins calls out Dean Ambrose to answer his question that why he had attacked on him in pervious Monday night raw. After that we had seen Dean Ambrose standing in the crowd where the Shield makes his enterence. Dean Ambrose doesn't spoke anything and also he doesn't entered in the ring. After some time he got back to backstage. Here in this segment we had seen Seth Rollins looking very frustrate from Dean Ambrose. 

Match (4) :- Nia Jacks vs Ember Moon..!! 

Here in this match Nia Jacks had defeated Ember Moon via pinfall. 

Match (5) :- The Revival vs Lucha House Party (tag team match)..!! 

Here in this match Lucha House Party had defeated The Revival via pinfall. 

Segment (4) :- Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler..!! 

Here in this segment they both talked about Kurt Angle. They both confirmed their appearance at Crown Jewel event and they also stated that they gonna brutally attack on Kurt Angle. Also Drew Mclntyre had stated that his eyes will only be on universal championship match between Brawn Strowman and Brock Lesnar. After that Apollo Crews comes and attacked on Dolph Ziggler. After that a match got started between Apollo Crews and Dolph Ziggler. Here in this match Dolph Ziggler had defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall. 

Segment (5) {main event} :- The Undertaker and Kane..!! 

Here in this segment The Undertaker cut a short promo where he conformed their victory at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. After some time the generation X (DX) came. Shawn Michael hit a sweet chin music on the Undertaker and Triple H brutally attacked on Kane. At the end we had seen The Undertaker and Kane together in the ring. So here this week's raw episode ends. So guyz I hope you guyz like this week's Monday night raw also let me know that did you miss Roman Reigns on Raw in the comment box below..! 

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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