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WWE Monday night raw 22nd October 2018 highlights /results.

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Segment (1) :- Roman Reigns left WWE..!! 

So guyz.. This week's Monday night raw was kicked off by the Big Dog Roman Reigns. Here he cut a very shocking and emotional promo. Where he addressed that in every single week and year I always made my appearance on Raw but unfortunately I will not be a part of Monday night raw any more. Here he also stated that currently he is suffering from a disease named Leukemia which is a disease of blood cancer. This disease led Roman Reigns to relinquish the Universal championship..! He also stated in his promo that he was suffering from this disease from last 11 years. And he emotionally conformed that he will definitely make his return in WWE very very soon. And by the end of his promo he thanked to the WWE universe for giving him such a great experience with them. So guyz this is the most shocking news for us and hopefully he will return in wwe company after 2-3 years. So guyz this is all about in this segment. Let me know that what do you think about Roman Reigns now? In the comment box below.

Match (1) :- Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley..!! 

So guyz in this match.. Finn Balor attacked on Bobby Lashley before the starting of the match. After some time this match started but this match was not so long and at the end Finn Balor defeated Bobby Lashley via pin roll. Here this match ends. 

Match (2) :- Rooby Riott vs Sasha Banks..!! 

 In the starting of this match Rooby Riott brutally attacked on Sasha Banks and then after some time Sasha Banks also attacked back on Rooby Riott. During this match Bayley, Natalya, live Morgan and Sara Logan also fought with each other at the ring side. Then Rooby Riott taken advantage of this and put a cheap shot on Sasha Banks which made him winner of this match. Here this match ends.

Segment (2) :- The Generation X (DX). 

In this segment Triple H and shawn Michael cut a short promo where they warned the Undertaker and Kane for a fight. After some time there was also a video footage of The Undertaker and Kane on the big TV screen where they conformed that Triple H and Shawn Michael will not be able to survive in front of us and they had also confirmed that at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia they will again retire Shawn Michael and put him down. This is all about in this promo/segment. 

Segment (3) :- Paul Heyman returns..!! 

In this segment Paul Heyman (advocate of Brock Lesnar) returns and addressed that he is completely in favor of the big Dog Roman Reigns. He stated that he is the best guy in the entire locker room. He also stated that this universal championship is only suites on Roman Reigns. Fans comes here only to see Roman Reigns. After that he stated that on Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia there are only two superstars left.. One is the monster among man Brawn Strowman and the another one is the beast Brock Lesnar. He himself targeted Brawn Strowman, by saying that Brawn Strowman is a coward and he doesn't deserve the universal championship. Therefore, again my client Brock Lesnar will be the new Universal champion. After that Brawn Strowman made his entrance and conformed that he will definitely defeat Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel event and bring the universal championship back to Monday night raw, after that Drew Mclntyre came and attacked on Brawn Strowman from behind. So guyz here this segment ends. 

Match (3) :- Apollo Crews vs Elias..!! 

In this match Elias had easily defeated Apollo Crews and won this match via pin fall. After the match when Elias was singing a song on the entrance stage then Baron Corbin came and stopped Elias for singing a song. After this Elias hold the guitar in this hand and hit on Baron Corbin from behind. Here this segment ends. 

Match (4) :- Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs Drew Mclntyre and Dolph Ziggler (Raw Tag Team championship)..!

 This match was the main event of his week's Monday night raw. Both the teams gave their best performance. During this match Seth Rollins accidentally attacked on the refree which allowed Brawn Strowman to take the advantage and.. He attacked on Drew Mclntyre. After that Seth Rollins took advantage of this and without wasting any more time he hit the curb storm on Dolph Ziggler which made them as the winner of this match. Seth Rollins and Dean now had became the raw tag team champions. 
But after this match there was a very shocking moment when Dean Ambrose himself attacked on Seth Rollins and throw the tag team championships in the middle of the ring. So guyz here this week's Monday night raw ends. I hope you guyz like this week's raw. 

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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