World Cup qualifiers match!! Big Show return!! Brutal Assault!! Smackdown live highlights || 9th October 2018. - Wrestling Rumour

World Cup qualifiers match!! Big Show return!! Brutal Assault!! Smackdown live highlights || 9th October 2018.

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                   ... Smackdown live show results... 


Match (1) :- Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair for the smackdown women's championship..! 

This week's smackdown live show was kicked off with a women's championship match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Really it was an epic battle between these two superstars. And if we talk about the winner of this match then the is like that when Becky Lynch was going by leaving the championship match in between, then this match was won by Charlotte Flair via countdown but however Becky Lynch is still current Smackdown women's champion. But after her victory Charlotte Flair hits a Spear on Becky Lynch on a led screen. Here only this match ends. 

Match (2) :- Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe (qualifying match).

Here in this match there was a very shocking ending, when Samoa Joe was not able to compete any more. Hence the winner of the match was Jeff Hardy and he is now qualified for the WWE world cup tournament.

Segment (1) :- Miz tv with some special guests..! 

Here in this segment Miz introduces the two best athletes that are AJ Styles and Daniel Brayan. Here in this segment there was a lots of war of words between all the three superstars. And after that a new match was started which was between AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin. And here I this match AJ styles had defeated Shelton Benjamin. 

Segment (2) :- Aiden english reveals the truth behind Milwaki..! 

 Here in this segment Aiden English had revealed all the truth behind Milwaki. He himself showed full video on wwe's big TV screen. And here in this video it was seen that Lana hadn't did anything wrong. Only Aiden English had hold her hands on his hands but Lana denied him to do anything wrong with her. After seeing this clip Rusev got too much angry and he tried to catch Aiden English but with some how Aiden English ran away from there. So here this segment ends.

Match (3) (main event) :- Randy Orton vs Big Show (qualifying match). 

This was the best match of this week's smackdown live episode. Both the superstars had given their best performance. And if we talk about the ending of this match then it was like when Randy Orton kicked out on Big Show's chalkslam. And after that Randy Orton hit a cheap shot on Big Show's eye. And after that Big Show was unable to see anything. Then immediately by taking the advantage of this,  he hit a RKO on Big Show. Hence the winner of this match was Randy Orton and he qualified for the WWE world cup tournament. 

Bonus update..! 

As you already know that next week's smackdown live episode will be a special episode because it will be a 1000th episode of the smackdown live show. So here WWE had confirmed the return of 619 Rey Mesterio. Not only this WWE also had confirmed that there will be a match between Rey Mesterio and Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States championship. I hope you guyz like this bonus update. So guyz this it on this week's smackdown live show. 

That's it. Thanks for reading..!

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