Crown Jewel coming to Survivor Series ppv !! Dean and Roman reunited !! - Wrestling Rumour

Crown Jewel coming to Survivor Series ppv !! Dean and Roman reunited !!

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Update (1) :- Crown Jewel coming to Survivor Series ppv !! 

So guyz yesterday I had already told you about the controversy in Saudi Arabia related Jamal Kashoggi. So now WWE has some problems for Crown Jewel. But if you guyz wanna know the whole controversy regarding Jamal Kashoogi in Saudi Arabia then you can go to our home page to know the controversy. So now let me tell you that now the huge updates are coming regarding this... Firstly let me tell you that WWE fans had started spoiling Crown Jewel by tweeting on Twitter “Crown Jewel cancel”. American fans are commenting this because they doesn't want wwe to organize any of their shows in other country. Besides this now politics were also against Crown Jewel event. They put their opinions that WWE should not organize any of their show in Saudi Arabia. Now the biggest thing is that Lita McMahon who is Vince Mchahon's wife and currently she is in authority figure with Donald Thumph,  so she is also had great responsibility in her hand. So guyz let me tell you that the baddest thing which can happen is the cancelation announcement of Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. But there are very less possibilities of this.

Also now the updates are coming that WWE is also having their backup plan. This means that if Crown Jewel event cancels then WWE is having another huge plans for fans. So guyz let me also tell you that in these updates, the matches which we gonna see in Crown Jewel.. Will be shifted to the Survivor Series ppv. So these were some huge updates. I hope you guyz like this update. Let me know your opinions about Crown Jewel event in the comment box below.

Update (2) :- Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns reunited !! 

So guyz recently there was a live event of WWE in USA. And in the main event there was a match between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Drew Mclntyre and Elias. Here again on the same page there was Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and in the end of this match both these superstars hit their finisher on Drew Mclntyre and Elias and made the got victory. So although we seeing that Dean Ambrose is not happy with the Shield on Raw but in live events we are seeing the same old Shield. So guyz was all about in this update. I hope you guyz like this update.

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